"People start off the new year with great anticipation to change their life. Come mid-January, what happens? Life. Why? No plan! If you want 2018 to be the year you crush your goals, then make a decision to do things differently.  
Properly establishing your goals helps you make decisions with more clarity and keeps you pointed in the right direction long after January has passed.
Join me in a goal-setting discussion as I help you understand, plan and achieve your goals for 2018."  - Gene

When: January 6, 2018
Where: Orchards Restaurant, Chambersburg PA (Lite Snacks Provided)
What time: 9am - 1pm
Is there a fee?  $150.  

For any more questions, contact: {}

**** After registering, you will receive a PayPal invoice. You are not fully registered for this event until you complete your payment. Class is limited so don't delay in signing up and making your payment!


Who is this workshop NOT for?
This is not for people who are entitled. There are no handouts. If you’re willing to put in the hard work to realize your dreams, if you’re coachable and teachable, then we want you and the world needs you.

What if I register and pay then decide not to come?
We want you to know deep down in your gut that this is for you and you should be here. Make a decision and then follow through. No refunds.

What if I have to leave early?
For maximum impact, it is recommended you stay the whole time.

Will you be holding another class?
Yes! We have other classes in the works! Get on the list {here}

Is there a spouse discount?
There is no monetary discount when you attend with your spouse. I know you’re probably questioning that. Here’s the deal. In a lot of relationships, there is no cohesive vision. She wants one thing, He wants another. By learning to growing your visions in tandem, there is NO thing you can’t accomplish together. But each of you need to be on the same page. Starting now.

Will there be food provided?
Of course. 4 {four} hours is a long time. We get hungry too.

Will there be babysitting?

Will there be material distributed in the class?
Yes. By the end of this class you’re either going to be fired up about these goals you just made for yourself and your family or you’re going to be offended. Gene has this innate ability to shake things up. This is not for the faint of heart.

Will there be a recording for the class?  
We are going to be filming the class but it is not for distribution. We will be reviewing the material to help Gene develop materials that best suit you.

It’s January, what if there is snow?
In the event of inclement weather we will notify you if we cancel and we will let you know what our new date will be.